SLTB workers seek president’s mediation!

The Lanka Transport Employees Union requests the president to strengthen the Sri Lanka Transport Board, ensure rights of its workers and the smooth functioning of the public transport service.

The Union claims the SLTB workers are yet to receive a sum of Rs. 2,500 (from January 2016) and Rs. 1,900 (from January 2017) added to the basic salaries of public servants as per 3/2016 circular and draws the president’s attention to the matter. It says the treasury is yet to instruct that the EPF contributions in lieu of the Rs. 10,000 salary increase to become effective, denying every worker a Rs. 2,000 contribution to the EPF every month. This has caused a serious injustice and pressure to SLTB workers and is a denial of their basic human right.

The Union also seeks the president’s mediation to secure their sanitary, accommodation and welfare facilities. It notes that depots, sub-depots and bus parking lots of the SLTC are without these facilities, saying that Hakmana, Kamburupitiya and Urubokka are among the examples. The government is yet to provide modern technical equipment to engineering divisions of the depots, and the president should also pay attention to provide new buses to the SLTB, says the Union.

It requests the president to instruct the treasury to release the funds required to ensure these facilities. The union warns that workers are disappointed with their not being given their rights and will resort to trade union or court action at any time to win same.

Ashika Brahmana

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