Aviation Authority’s profit only for its bigwigs!
The Civil Aviation Authority is earning net annual profits of Rs. 871/881 million, but its dividends are enjoyed by only its director general and a handful of top administrative officers, employees charge.
Since May this year, top officials of the Authority have got special allowances of between Rs. 100,000 and Rs. 400,000 approved for themselves. It has around 180 employees.
For 2016, it earned an income of more than Rs. 1,660 m and a pre-tax profit of Rs. 1,227 m, according to its draft annual report for 2016. After paying a Rs. 386 tax, the net profit is Rs. 881 m.
In 2015, it earned an income of Rs. 1,578 m for a Rs. 1,214 pre-tax profit and a net profit of Rs. 871 m after paying a Rs. 343 m tax.
However, the Authority is housed in a rented building.
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