NDB Chairman under pressure to resign

The NDB Unions are openly agitating against their Chairman Ananada Athukorala for involving himself in a tender. The Chairman had arbitrary given a tender for the annual report of the Bank for Rs 14,100 per copy for 5000 reports and the tender for five years. The Chairman had never told the Board there was another quote for Rs 7,500. The Chairman had also never told the Board that he had intiated it . A Union memeber point out that a non-executive chairman is not expected to involve himself in tenders. Generally, according to Union Members a Procurement committee is appointed and their recommendation goes through the CEO to the Board for consideration.

The management to get out of the mess had put the board paper saying it was at the chairman’s request. The Chairman according to a Union member had personally pushed the tender when the board paper came up for discussion. He had said we are in a rush we don't have much time, we must approve it today. Union members are asking why other suppliers were not offered an opportunity to quote? What is so special about this printer? They believe the Chairman had been influenced to support the supplier for consideration. They want the Chairman to go home without embarrassing the bank. They have already resorted to putting up posters against the Chairman.

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