Provide the vehicle number of the van that abducted you – Police request Journalist Poddala Jayantha

The Police has requested senior journalist Poddala Jayantha to immediately provide the vehicle number and any other details available of the van that abducted him in the evening of June 01, 2009 near Embuldeniya junction in Nugegoda.

The Police have requested for this information following a letter from senior journalist – activist Poddala Jayantha to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) requesting him to expedite the investigation in to the abduction and assault. The letter has been later forwarded to the Colombo Deputy Inspector General (DIG) and then to the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) in charge of the Nugegoga – Mirihana area. The Police request has been sent via email by the SSP.

In reply Poddala Jayantha has said that if he was able to grasp the vehicle number his media friends would have found suspected abductors. And on the other hand the SSP must be aware of who would travel in a white van with a genuine vehicle number intended for abduction, Jayantha has emphasized in his response.  

Jayantha forwarded this letter to IGP observing the recent developments of the investigations in to the assault of Senior Journalist Keith Noyahr, with several suspects being arrested. He has forwarded the letter to the IGP, suspecting that those who attacked him could be in the same group. According to sources close to Poddala Jayantha, a separate letter will be forwarded soon to the Criminal Investigations Department.

Shalika Wimalasena

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