Right to Reply : Sri Lanka’s biggest ever disaster in private banking

We have received a response from KDM De Silva, for the article published on 14th June 2017 under the headline of ' Sri Lanka’s biggest ever disaster in private banking '. Here we publish his response as accepting 'Right to Reply'

Attn! Editorial personal at Lankanews Web,

Been a constant commuter in your e news publications, I was alarmed to see the following headline tagged at HNB Bank PLC,

"Sri Lanka's Biggest ever disaster in pvt banking......."

It amaze me whether the publisher of this news (editor) was watching horrible weather report from some part of the world, to include a catchy Tag line to discriminate on one of prestigious financial institution of this good country

We all know that it’s your paramount duty inform fellow readers in providing with the so called “featured News”, But I hereby ask you, whether you have taken the trouble to get in touch with HNB officials, instead of that, it seems that you have made a moral conclusion, stating that bank has directors (two) who barely know better half of banking, Seriously I am rightfully disgusted the way you bluntly use your media democracy in rooting opinion among magnanimous readers.

Well, you may intrigue by now why I am safe guarding this Good bank, or what’s my ulterior motive, I solemnly believe I posess the right to inform you,(just you inform others through you E-news) that this good bank has engraved so much greatness to our mother land for many years

Through banking at HNB, I have witnessed far superior service than any other organizations of its nature. I would welcome the opportunity have a dialog with your news media in sharing my insights and sincere customer experiences at this good bank.

We been Sri Lankans needs to be proud of having SL owned banks pioneering our banking needs, I urge you to review your publication, which massively tarnishes many of SL hearts and interests on the imagine well held on this great institution.

I appreciate your early attention!

Thank you for taking the trouble to read.
KDM De Silva

Editor's note
We are somewhat surprised that Mr KDM de Silva has written to us defending HNB on the basis that HNB has contributed to the development of the country and that we should turn a blind eye. We have at no stage ever challenged the contribution of the Founders of the Bank, Mr R.D Banks and Mr A.T Atkin who established a small, private bank called Hatton Bank to cater to the needs of investors and labourers in Ceylon’s tea plantations, and then in 1948 when Sri Lanka attained its independence Brown & Co., led by Coorays bought the interests of the original investors. Mr de Silva may not be aware that the current Board of Directors has even sold the very building the Bank was founded by those great founders for a song to blow up its profits. Mr De Silva surely would not have written to us if he was aware that Bank secrecy (or bank privacy) is a legal requirement which prohibits financial institutions providing personal and account information about their customers, except in certain conditions, such as where a criminal complaint has been filed. Therefore, not even in a Banana Republic would a Bank make such a huge mistake of sending the full list of 1200 names of their prized customers attached to a TV Sales Brochure to the public. This is either total incompetence on the part of the bank or has to be an act of Sabotage? If it is incompetence, then the Central Bank should sack the CEO or the Board. Because Bank Boards are expected to oversee a vigorous effort to protect the bank and its customer confidence. On the other hand, it is an act of sabotage, the Police should be called in to investigate and arrest those involved.

Mr de Silva please don't attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the public. We are only doing our scared job of keeping the public informed, and there is no question this banking blunder is one of the biggest blunders a Sri Lankan bank has ever made, since John Exter became Central Bank Governor in 1950.

Sri Lanka’s biggest ever disaster in private banking

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