Drastic environmental pollution caused by improper disposal of plastics - Sagala


Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister, Minister of Law and Order Sagala Ratnayake highlighted that the reason behind this drastic environmental pollution problem Sri Lanka faces today, is the improper ways of disposing polythene and plastic.


Minister said this while attending the commissioning ceremony of the 32 kw Solar Power System of Royal College on 04th August. The newly built Solar system worth 12.5 Million rupees has been donated by Mr. Manjula Senarathne Chairman of the N.G.P Solar Company of Japan to the Royal College at a request made by Sagala Ratnayake and this project was spearheaded by Mr. Lasantha Goonewardena and Sathira Sarachchandra.

Minister Sagala specially appreciated the efforts of the prefect’s Council of Royal college to help the students affected by the recent flood in Deniyaya area while mentioning that there were lot of polythene and plastic waste at the river banks after the water level went down as the prefects would have seen.

He also presented a challenge to the students in his address, stating if the students take the responsibility of making their homes polythene and plastic waste free, He will take the responsibility of Air Conditioning the College Hall.

Hon. Ajith P Perera, Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy in his speech said that the Solar Power will not only generate free electricity but it will also save the environment and help the economy of Sri Lanka.

Harshana Rajakaruna, Manjula Senarathne, Lasantha Goonewardena and Sathira Sarachchandra and other invitees were also present at the occasion.

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