Rs. 3 b loss by granting frequencies to Maharaja – Democrats against Corruption

Democrats against Corruption says the president has caused a Rs. 3 billion loss to the state by granting eight frequencies to Maharaja organization without any tender calling. In a statement, it questions as to why no investigation is taking place into this loss.


Maharaja has been given the frequencies unlike in any other country despite their could have been sold at very high prices in order to increase competitiveness in 700 mega hertz or above broadband frequencies, it says. That had been done after president Sirisena took the TRC under his control. The last time over-700 mega hertz frequencies were sold by the state, an income of 25 million dollars was earned. 

However, president Sirisena has violated all state financial policies and handed over the frequencies to Maharaja, causing a Rs. 3,000 million loss to the state, it notes.

Despite the auditor general’s having said no recognized mechanism is in place to investigate corruption in a bond sale, a commission has been set up to look into it. But, this frequency fraud that directly causes losses to the state is not being investigated, it points out. As the president is the accused in this fraud, this should be handed over to the CID for investigation or a parliamentary committee appointed. As the president can be taken to court over a fundamental rights violation only, a FR case should be filed against him for having violated the FRs of the public by causing them a loss of more than Rs. three billion, it adds.

It should also be looked into if the president or a family member of his has gained anything illegally through this deal.  Until the investigations are over, the president should relinquish his duties in the name of ethics, Democrats against Corruption adds.

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