SB Dissanayake's Pet Project- SAITM
Minister S.B.Dissanayake is a very colorful man. He first hit the headlines as Sports Minister in Chandrika Kumaranatunga's government when he said he was in love with Olympic Silver medalist Susasnthika. Next, he made headlines when he beat the current President to become the General Secretary of the SLFP. Third time was when he decamped from the SLFP, to join the UNP. 
Subsequently he decamped from the UNP in 2008 to join Mahinda Rajapakse to become the Higher Education Minister. In the 2015 Presidential Election he led the media onslaught against President Sirisena. He decamped from the Rajapakse group in 2015 to rejoin the SLFP to get a seat on the list to enter parliament and to get a ministership. 
He has demonstrated over and over again that he has no loyalty to anyone, other than himself. 
His involvement with SAITM was as higher education Minister. For the higher education ministry to give approval to SAITM it is alleged he was given a house in Melbourne worth 300 Million Rupees. His son and his newly married wife lived in that house until they divorced. The wife got the house. 
Subsequently, for SITAM to commence a medical degree a new gazette had to be issued. SB appointed his son to head the committee. Based on the Son's recommendation a new gazette was issued. He was paid again by SAITM. For a medical college to function two approvals are needed, the Medical Council and the University Grants Commission (UGC). SITAM so far has only obtained the UGC approval.This is where the problem is with SAITM. SB Dissanayake is the root cause of SAITM. However the current Health Minister is taking the brunt of the GMOA, Parents onslaught. Why? Know one knows! 
Time for a Commission as the JVP has requested to know the full story.
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