Country does not need a new constitution


The Karaka Sangha Sabha of Malwatte and Asgirya Chapters has decided the country does not need a new constitution for the present, said registrar of Asgiriya Chapter Ven. Medagama Dhammananda Thera.


The unanimous decision came with the consent of the Mahanayake Theras of the two chapters, said Dhammananda Thera, adding a constitutional formulation would have very dangerous repercussions, even causing clashes among communities.

Making a statement after a meeting at Sri Dalada Maligawa in Kandy yesterday (18), the Thera went onto say that the unitary status of the country would be harmed and devolution of the state’s powers would result in a division of the country.

The existing constitution should continue, and if any change is needed in the future, that should be done through negotiations. What should be done now is to promote national unity and to develop the country, he said. The Maha Sangha will discuss the steps towards that end and keep a close watch on developments, he added.

Anunayake of Malwatte Chapter Ven. Dikkumbure Wimaladhamma Thera said they could not trust the promise that a new constitution would not harm the country’s unitary status and Buddhism. It appears provincial councils are to be given full powers, which will bring nothing for the country. This system by the late J.R. Jayewardene made the country poorer. PCs destroy a massive sum of resources, money to maintain ministers, staffs, secretaries, he said. However, an electoral system under the division level is needed, and the presidential powers should remain, he added.

Present at the meeting were senior Buddhist monks including Anunayakes Ven. Anamaduwe Dhammadassi, Ven. Vendaruwe Upali and Ven. Dikkumbure Wimaladhamma Theras.

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