Northern parties’ ideologies continue to clash

As the local government election has been announced, ideologies of political parties in the north continue to clash, reports say. Suresh Premachandran’s EPRLF was the first to say it will leave the TNA and contest on its own. Now, that party is working to form an alliance with other parties. Premachandran says the TNA is going against the north’s public opinion and works to serve the government’s needs.


The TELO today (06) decided to follow suit. At previous talks, it decided to ally with other parties in the TNA. However, it is yet to say if it will leave the TNA.

An alliance opposed to the TNA is likely, for which old parties and new political groups are working. Once the most powerful political figure in the north, V. Anandasangaree is the key personality behind that. He is likely to lead the new alliance that will cause a serious setback for the TNA.

Ashika Brahmana

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