UNP ministers in trouble if their electorates are lost

Prime minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has warned UNP ministers they would have to give up their ministries if the party lost their electorates at the LG polls. The party should win all LG bodies as it is a decisive election deciding the public opinion about the government, he has told them.

It has been decided to replace ministers, who do not work for the party’s victory, with talented, young MPs in the party. Seniority of the ministers will be disregarded if they fail to win their electorates.

The UNP leadership has told its ministers and MP that they should employ their fullest strength at the election, as it would be a litmus test for the UNP and the Yahapaalana government. Several ministerial positions with the party are to be changed after the polls, with the PM considering reintroducing the senior minister positions. The ministers who fail to secure victory for their electorates will be appointed senior ministers, with the present MPs getting an opportunity to become cabinet ministers.

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