Acceptance of nominations for 248 LG authorities from tomorrow
The Elections Commission says the second phase of accepting nominations for the Local Government Election will commence tomorrow with nominations expected for 248 Local Government bodies.
The acceptance of nominations for 93 Local Government bodies concluded on Thursday after commencing on the 11th of December. The acceptance of nominations is being held under two phases following a petition that was filed against the delimitation gazette pertaining to the Local Government Election.
The announcement of the Local Government Election was delayed as a result of the petition over the delimitation gazette being heard before the Appeals Court, leading to much debate over another delay in the conduct of the election. The petition was withdrawn on the 30th of November paving the way for the conduct of the election in 248 Local Government Bodies.
The nomination submission period for the second phase concludes at noon on the 21st of December while nomination lists will only be accepted by Returning Officers between 8:30am and 4:15pm.
Meanwhile the Police Headquarters said police presence will be beefed up at District Secretariats during the period announced to accept nominations.
The Elections Commission requested all political parties and independent groups to ensure the nomination lists are filled according to the stipulated criteria to avoid rejections.
The Commission said the date to hold the election will be announced subsequent to the conclusion of accepting nominations.
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