24 baby jumbos sold after killing their mothers during previous regime
The CID has suspended investigations into the killing of female tuskers and selling their calves by racketeers. The investigations have revealed that 24 of the baby jumbos had been captured after killing their mothers.
The racketeer known as Ali Roshan has injected the female tuskers at Kavudulla, Minneriya, Udawalawe and Maduruoya national parks unconscious and brought their little ones in Defender jeeps to Colombo to sell them for between Rs.  five million and Rs. 20 million. The mothers had died as they had not been injured with the antibiotics to regain consciousness.
This racketeer had the protection of Neville, the chief bodyguard of Mahinda Rajapaksa. The most number of baby elephants had been captured from Kavudulla, Minneriya and Welikanda. Investigations have found that all the calves found from leading temples in Colombo had been thus captured.
One case has been filed in courts, while the rest of the investigation files sent to the Attorney General’s Department. But, no action has been taken so far.
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