PM pays tribute to his aunt
One particular video was circulated through mobile phones in Sri Lanka and the world like no other yesterday. That would be one of the top videos of the day. It showed PM Ranil Wickremesinghe and senior actress Iranganie Serasinghe dancing at a wedding at a home at Mt. Lavinia.
Iranganie is Ranil’s aunt. The occasion was the wedding of Anil Gunatilake’s daughter to a foreigner. Iranganie is Anil’s aunt too. She is one of the best actresses in Sri Lanka, but she is yet to be recognized for that.
Ranil paid a tribute to his aunt by having a jig with her, and it looked hilarious sometimes. We believe it to be a live tribute, which is much better than bringing her to the BMICH or Nelum Pokuna and giving her a cheque for two million rupees. 
The PM was the worst victim of verbal abuse by a politician last week. With this 19 second video, he manages to divert the attention. That is a masterstroke by Ranil.
Ranil & Sirasa
Look at Sirasa’s attitude for Ranil. Of its 22 minute news airtime, Sirasa allots 12 minutes for him. Ranil understands the paradox, but Sirasa doesn’t. Sirasa is without a head, but Ranil has a head. What actually it does is promoting him. Ranil should shower gratitude on his Royal College classmate Maharaja by giving more advertisements to Sirasa.
Those days, Sirasa similarly allotted airtime for Gotabhaya. He responded by trying to attack and destroy its studios. But, Ranil engages in a politics that is beyond this island. It is not his problem that the inhabitants of the island cannot read it.
Today’s freedom for dissenting voices should be considered not along with the so-called revolutionary change by the public on January 08, but rather along with how Ranil tolerates the racists, religious  extremists and others. On that count, he is a real strategist and democrat.
He would have known that someone would video his dance at the wedding. With it, he began his 2020 campaign bid. He cannot be attacked and brought down. For the past 20 years, he has been facing such with indifference. Ranil may be accused of not making a second string of leaders. But, that cannot be done like planting trees. Again, it is not Ranil’s problem.
This is real governance. That is because one should read between the lines to understand, without taking things at face value.
Truly, Ranil is more cunning than JR. We have suspicion that this could be the work of none other than Ranil’s media unit.
Krishanthi Rajapaksa
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