Engineering division too, responsible for SriLankan’s losses
The engineering division of SriLankan Airlines too, is responsible for the massive loss incurred by the national carrier last year. Its having lost the EASA quality certification and the Rs. 400 million spent to regain it is partly responsible for the loss.
Due to this EASA question, SriLankan had to send its aircraft to Indonesia or Singapore for repairs, spending around 95,000 US dollars each time. But, even that had taken place in breach of tender procedures.
Also, a crisis is brewing over the extension of the leasing agreements for its 15 year old fleet of 4R-ALA/4R-ALB, 4R-ALC aircraft. The 4R-ACD aircraft has been confined to the aerodrome for months now, causing a loss of more than Rs. 50 m. furthermore, spare-parts are being bought at very high prices, with the cost for aircraft carpets as high as Rs. 3,850 per metre.
The engineering managers have not taken steps to minimize the Rs. 500 million yearly loss from the expired goods. Their chief is an unconcerned man and with the support of the CEO, transfers those who point out the wrongs, to other divisions.
If officials are allowed to have a free hand in this manner, the airline’s speedy ruination is unavoidable.
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