National Police Academy, a taboo for police juniors?
The National Police Academy (NPA) has been established as an affiliate of Sri Jayewardenepura and Kelaniya universities. It holds 26 courses required for an efficient police service. They include crime investigation, cyber crime, crime scene investigation, inquests and basics of criminology.
Presently, the police has nearly 86,000 personnel, of which close to 18,000 are from the sub inspector rank upwards. Therefore, 68,000 are PCs, sergeants and other junior officers, who shoulder the most burden of the police service.
They are the ones who go to the crime scenes, investigate and report to courts. But, they do not get the opportunity to follow courses at the NPA, and only the above-mentioned 18,000 are eligible.
When asked by Lanka News Web if that is a serious injustice, a top police official said, “No, that is not injustice. When the juniors are given a training, they become smart. Then, we cannot control them.”
If the seniors think like that, can the theme of Sri Lanka police – public- friendly, professional and dignified police service – ever become a reality?
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