Company gets cheap publicity using fake Beauty Pageant
In a country where beauty pageants are  the talk of the town it seems that some are cashing in on it by organizing fake beauty pageants.
One such sad example is the recently concluded ”Crown Miss Sri Lanka” for miss intercontinental beauty pageant where the event sponsors & partners  Jat Holdings headed by  Aelian Gunawardene  had a gala event crowning an unsuspecting young lady…. Miss Natalie Fernando as the winner who was subsequently  used for many of their ad campaigns and promotions for free with a solemn promise of representing Sri Lanka in the ”Miss Intercontinental Grand Finale” to be held in Egypt in January 2018.
Alas ! to her dismay she was informed by the Pageant Franchise  owners that she was not recognized as a winner for the simple fact that Jat Holdings together with Exceptional Entertainment headed by Joyce Gunawardene were never authorized nor had the right to use the world renowned Pageant  name ”Miss Intercontinental” as they had not paid the Franchise-fees.
while many of the so called elite of the beauty industry were invited and were probably oblivious to the scam, one tends to wonder what happened to the other sponsors of the event such as Ceylinco , TIESH and even the Yes FM radio channel known to highlight wrongdoings but ironically promoted this scam with much fun and flair.
The International Pageant is currently being held at the Sunrise Crystal Bay, Hurghada, Egypt with over 80 contestants from 5 continents participating while Sri Lanka is proudly represented by the  legitimate winner…..Miss Chalani Shehani (
while some politicians rob the public it seems some corporates are focusing on cashing in on the trend but sadly they are giving and taking away ”hope” from unsuspecting innocent girls such as Natalie Fernando who won a crown but now hides it in shame.
hopefully this will be a warning to all those who use beauty and the glamour that goes with it to make a quick buck and to those girls who seek fame using their beauty to be weary of these types of white collar scoundrels.
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