Basil-Gota cold war comes out into the open

Basil and Gotabhaya are engaged in a cold war to be the no. one in the Rajapaksa family after Mahinda Rajapaksa retires from politics. That struggle has come out into the open as a result of the no-confidence motion against the prime minister, reports say.

Basil is trying to get the no-confidence motion delayed, with MPs loyal to him now in a campaign to see that happens. At a meeting on the matter, on Basil’s instructions, Prasanna Ranatunga and Nimal Lansa have explained at length as to why the no-confidence motion should be delayed.

Basil is following a pro-UNP policy in order to strengthen his camp, as even the SLFP MPs in the government are backing Gotabhaya.
A majority in the joint opposition want the no-confidence motion expedited. The Gotabhaya camp is publicly accusing Basil of protecting the PM, leading to a division in the JO. The two sides argue over the matter at meetings not attended by Mahinda. However, the no-confidence motion is to be handed over to the speaker very soon.

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