Negombo PS members offered Rs. 50 m & car to crossover!

A controversial politician from Negombo is using his black money to lure Pradeshiya Sabha members to crossover, alleges convener of the web journalists association Freddie Gamage.

He told a media briefing organized by the Platform for Freedom in Colombo yesterday (20) that this politician was ready to offer a sum of Rs. 50 million and a car of any brand to a PS member who would support to form the administration.

This politician had nothing much of his own in the beginning, but has been able to amass ill-gotten wealth, which he is ready to spend to maintain his grip on Negombo.

Gamage noted that matters like this bribe-offering can be taken up and the hearing completed within three months under the proposed amendments to the judiciary amendment draft act. Those who oppose this draft act are the ones who will be punished through its provisions, Gamage said, adding that their politics for opposing it was made clear.

- Nishantha Priyadarshana


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