President foolishly falling into Mahinda’s Trap

Today the Joint Opposition handed over a no confidence against Prime Minister. They tried a similar one in 2015 and failed. 

Now every one is anxiously waiting to see what the President is doing. Mahinda has cleverly sent a message to the President that he will be their next candidate.

The biggest fear is that the President will fall for the Trap set by the JO and force the full SLFP to support the motion. That could push some of the people on the fence in the UNP to vote against the Premier.

The country with the President at the helm and Nimal Siripala as Prime Minister will become a circus. Mahinda has told many people he will never forgive Sirisena for what he did to his family.

When I take control we will teach him a good lesson he had told his friends. The President by going against the UNP then will have no friends in either the UNP and SLFP. 

The public will also treat him as a traitor . Surely he has some intelligence to see through what Mahinda is attempting to do to firstly destabilize the government and secondly to get Sirisena to teach him a lesson bigger than Sarath Fonseka, a senior minister told LNW.

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