Change in SLFP, UPFA general secretaries after 19th

There will be a change in the general secretaries of the SLFP and the UPFA after the 19th, say political sources. When parliament meets on the 19th the 16 SLFP MPs who supported the no-confidence motion against the PM will not make an appearance, the sources say.

The central committee of the SLFP at their meetings discussed the matter. The party MPs who abstained at the vote took the decision in consideration of their political future. A group of 23 MPs of the party have already agreed to work with the UNP and even have been allotted seats from the UNP at the future elections. The president is aware of this. The SLFP CC says this will be not good for the party and that a decision should be taken regarding them. It has asked the president to convene another meeting after the 19th to discuss matters. The 23 MPs should not continue in party positions any longer, it says.

- Ashika Brahmana



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