Southern Expressway generates only Rs.105 mn during National New Year

It is reported that that a revenue of Rs.105 million was generated from the Southern Expressway during the New Year Season from April 10 to 16.

More than 372, 000 vehicles used the Southern Expressway during this period and the higest revenue was generated on last Saturday (14) and Sunday (15). 

On Saturday over 50, 000 vehicles has been used Southern Expressway and generated Rs.14 million accordingly and on Sunday approximately 80,000 vehicles has been used the same generating  Rs.23 million as gross income. 

Road Development Authority is the control center of the Southern Expressway. It was recorded that, last year RDA had received Rs. 230 million from the same, which is morethan a double of income than this year.  

- Amali Jayaweera

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