Maithri-Mahathir meeting took place; pictures released
Malaysia’s newly-elected prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamed, at 91 years of age, has become the world’s oldest elected leader. The Malaysian media has reported about a meeting he had with president Maithripala Sirisena when the latter was in that country on an official visit in December 2016. Two pictures taken on the occasion have now been released.
mahathir 1It took place at president Sirisena’s room at Intercontinental Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, despite obstacles by the then Malaysian regime, including the then PM of that country deploying his spies all over the place. The Sri Lankan high commissioner there was not aware of the meeting.
At the discussion, Dr. Mohamed briefed the Sri Lankan president about the changes and policies he had introduced in the 1980s to develop Malaysia. Unity among the communities will come after economic growth, he noted.
mahathir 2Mohamed advised president Sirisena, “It is you who has to get out of this debt trap. If you take more loans you will be further burdened with this issue. When our country was faced with the same issue during my rule, financial institutions came to me and offered more loans at a concessionary interest rates. But I did not agree to their terms. I tried to develop the economy using the country’s resources and our own development plans.Ultimately these paid dividends. If you look at our history, you will see how successful this was.”
President Sirisena, in a twitter message, has congratulated the new Malaysian premier on his election.
He had wanted to bring down Dr. Mohamed as the chief guest at the second anniversary of his election to office, but that did not materialize as the foreign affairs ministry had not done the required work.

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