16 cling onto ministerial privileges even after resigning
The 16 SLFPers who resigned from their ministerial positions after supporting the no-confidence motion against the PM continue to cling onto the privileges of those positions, reports say. They have informed the secretary general of parliament in writing that they would sit in the opposition. However, they still use the vehicles and other perks they enjoyed during their ministerial positions. In addition to the vehicles, some have taken away the computers and other equipment in their offices. They have not been returned even though new ministers have been appointed. Thilanga Sumathipala too, continues to enjoy perks in the deputy speaker position`.
Their ethics seem to be invalid for ministerial privileges, although they resigned saying it was unethical for them to remain in the government after supporting the no-confidence motion. 
In parliament yesterday (11), MP Nalin Bandara inquired from speaker Karu Jayasuriya as to what action has been taken with regard to Sumathipala. Jayasuriya replied that appointing a successor to him was delayed as the president was yet to grant his consent.
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