Speaker of the Parliament to give a statement to the CID regarding Keith Noyahr attack!

Speaker of the Parliament Karu Jayasuriya has agreed to give a statement to the Criminal Investigation Department with regard to the abduction and assault of former sub-editor of The Nation Keith Noyahr.

As reported, Senior Deputy Inspector General Ravi Seneviratna has discussed with Karu Jayasuriya regarding the inquiries. It is further reported that the Speaker of the Parliament has reserved a date to give a statement to the CID to reveal what he knows regarding the abduction and assault of Keith Noyahr which took place in Rajapaksa era.

The aforementioned incident took place on 22nd May 2008. After taking dinner from a restaurant in Bambalapitiya along with the then CEO of Rivira Media Corporation Krishantha Cooray and the chief editor of The Nation Lalith Alahakoon, Noyahr had left to go to his residence in Dehiwala.

Noyahr used to call his wife and ask her to keep the door opened when he reaches. He did the same that day too. When Noyahr stopped his vehicle in front of his home to open the gate, a group of unknown persons attacked. Since Noyahr fought back, the attackers assaulted him with a pistol handle. Thereafter they carried him into a white van and abducted.

Since Noyahr had called his wife and said that he is coming, Noyahr’s wife was concerned about his delay. She started searching for him and found his car in front of the house. The engine was still running and the doors were opened.

Noyahr’s wife, who realized that he may be in danger, called his mobile phone. But it was switched off. Next, she called the CEO of Rivira Krishantha Cooray and the chief editor of The Nation Lalith Alahakoon, and informed them of what had happened. They started searching for Keith Noyahr immediately and informed acquainted politicians of the incident.

I am ashamed to be in a government like this

At that time, Karu Jayasuriya served as a cabinet minister in the Rajapaksa government and Krishantha Cooray was a close acquaintance of Karu Jayasuriya. Based on this connection, Krishantha Cooray has informed Karu Jayasuriya that his colleague may be in a dangerous situation.

It is reported that Karu Jayasuriya has discussed this incident with the then president Mahinda Rajapaksa and emphasized that he would feel ashamed to be in the then government if the government is involved in this incident.

It has been revealed by now that Keith Noyahr was released due to Karu Jayasuriya’s comments to the then president Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Journalist Keith Noyahr escaped from the tragedy to which Prageeth Eknaligoda and Lasantha Wickramathunga faced. It is said that the life of Keith Noyahr may not have been saved if it wasn’t for Karu Jayasuirya.

When the CID informed Karu Jayasuriya that the abovementioned facts have already been verified by the CID through investigations, and that they intend to get a statement from him, he had said that people must know what happened.

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