Decision on 24th on a new constitution
The steering committee of the Constitutional Council will meet on the 24th of May, say political sources. Headed by the PM and having 21 members, the committee met last in November last year.
At the meeting, it will be decided if a new constitution should be introduced or amendments made to the existing one. Electing to power on a promise to abolish the executive presidency and to formulate a new constitution, the government seemed to take steps speedily in the beginning, but three years have elapsed since, without any progress in sight.
Instead of fulfilling that promise, the parties are focusing on their presidential candidates. An interim report was debated in parliament for five days. Constitutional expert Dr. Jayampathy Wickremaratne accuses the leaders of the two main parties for the stalemate. Talks without their reaching agreement first will be meaningless, he says.
The committee will also take up the views of MPs, intellectuals and the general public with regard to its interim report. 
Meanwhile, the JVP plans to table a 20th amendment, as a private member’s motion, to abolish the executive presidency, with the parties divided in their support for the move.
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