Jana Anasaka against arbitrary rule

Jana Anasaka against arbitrary rule

6 December 2018 06:07 am

The 'Jana Anasaka' organization has launched a protest in Colombo late yesterday (05) against the arbitrary administration carried by President Maithreepala Sirisena since October 26, 2018.

A walk has been organized from Maradana Technical Junction to Colombo Fort Railway Station, followed by a protest.

The protestors emphasized that the country is being governed by the President by arbitrarily acquiring power, deciphering its significance by exampling the dismissal of the Prime Minister, swearing Mr. Mahinda Rajapakshe in amid no Parliament's majority and the Parliament's dissolution.

They pointed out that opposing the President's behavior does not simply justify that the previous Government administrated by former Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe acted per democracy's will. The Jana Anasaka spoke further that the previous Government had violated the mandate won over 2015's election and proceeded through harmful and anti-public economic policies at an inability to implement progressive solutions for national crisis.

Many entities including political activists, civil activists and trade union representatives took participation in the protest.

Photography - Ajith Seneviratne


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