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Press Release from Nelumyaya Foundation

Nelumyaya Foundation's (NYF) in its Press Release on 3rd August 2018 emphasises that as Micro Finance issue in the country has become more prominent and pressing, some individual/s spreading falsehood either maliciously or recklessly against the organization, which is doing significant role to address the ongoing Micro Finance crisis in the country.

Nelumyaya Foundation staes that there is a motivation of some individual/s spreading falsehood either maliciously or recklessly that they ask borrowers not to pay back their interest and further more they possess reliable information that some organized groups are distributing NYF's ‘Data Collecting Form’ either maliciously or recklessly in order to mislead victims with misinformation that NYF is conducting a programme to sign off loans or cutoff debts.

They emphasise vehemently that NYF never advise anyone to refrain from paying interest on their individual agreements and we do not intend to collect data in order to support or as a part of government's ongoing debt relief programme.

Following is the NYF Press Release.


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