Sri Lanka participates at the “FERIE FOR ALLE”,

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Stockholm together with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau participated at “FERIE FOR ALLE”, the Danish Travel Show held in Herning, Denmark from 24th to 26th February 2017.

Danish Travel Show is one of Scandinavia's largest consumer holiday fairs and has been taking place successively since 1997. The show comprised of 13 exhibition halls with six theme areas; International – Overseas Holidays and destination, International – Europe - package tours and cruises, Holiday in Denmark, Danish Golf Show, Outdoor and Camping.
The fair brought together representations from 1,100 exhibitors including Travel Companies, Agents, Embassies and 186 Trade Journalists and more than 61,000 people visited the fair.

Sri Lanka Stand was bedecked with scenic pictures of Sri Lanka and videos were relayed spot lighting major attractions of the country. As this is the first time Sri Lanka took part in this Danish Travel Show, the visitors at the Sri Lanka stand showed excitement and curiosity in exploring and finding information on Sri Lanka with the hope of making Sri Lanka their next travel destination.

Wide variety of ‘Ceylon Tea’ was served to the visitors at the Stand and the visitors were enlightened on Sri Lanka’s Tea Industry and the reason behind “Ceylon Tea” having earned a name for itself in the world tea market.

This endeavour could be considered a fruitful attempt as Sri Lanka stand attracted visitors in big numbers, making it possible to impress upon a wider audience to visit Sri Lanka in the immediate future.

Embassy of Sri Lanka

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