The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing wins the Most Creative Award at the 2017

The Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing won the Most Creative Award at the 2017 Diplomat National Costume Competition organized by the Diplomat Magazine in China recently.


The staff of the Embassy of Sri Lanka and their family members participated in the competition as models, showcasing different types of Sri Lankan national dresses, including the traditional Kandyan ‘Mul Anduma’ costume. Most of the Sri Lankan costumes that were exhibited at the competition had been made with handloom and Batik fabrics. Since Sri Lanka is famous for gems, tea and wildlife, the costumes displayed at the last segment of the competition had been designed to symbolize gems, tea and wildlife.

Fashion designs and the script for the description of different national dresses were prepared by Ms. Inoka Weerasinghe, Second Secretary of the Embassy. With a view to showcasing the long history of Sri Lanka’s costume making traditions and weaving heritage, a dancing item depicting Queen Kuweni was featured at the show.

The long history of the Sri Lankan weaving industry and costume-making, as illustrated in the legend of Queen Kuweni who was spinning cotton at the time of Prince Vijaya’s arrival in the country, was highlighted at a media interview that followed the costume display.

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