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Shops at Hatton City Closed as Black Flagged

All shops in Hatton city have closed and raised black flags for supporting the protest movements held in demanding the estate companies to increase the basic wage of the estate workers up to 1000 Rupees.

Many people, including those who are working in Hatton shops, three-wheeler drivers and van owners, have been supporting the fight to win the increase of estate workers’ wage.

In submitting a memorandum, for the President and the Prime Minister to intervene in increasing the basic wage of the estate workers up to 1,200 Rupees, a group of young people from Hatton Welioya area, who have launched a walk from the Bagawanthalawa city to Colombo yesterday (23) afternoon, have commenced their walk today (24) from the Hatton city for the second day.

The estate companies emphasized the joint estate trade unions that the current wage of 530 Rupees which is being paid to the workers can be increased up to 600 Rupees. However, the suggestion has been refused by the joint estate trade unions.


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