How is Chairman Jehan Amaratunga continuing in Office?

How is Chairman Jehan Amaratunga continuing in Office?

6 December 2015 11:11 am

The well known wheeler dealer Jehan Amaratunga who was a regular visitor at Temple Trees during the Rajapakse Administration and the front and collector for former President’s Chief of Staff Gamini Sarath is still Chairman of People’s Bank Insurance Company and a Director of People’s Bank.

Is this Yahapalanaya government lost its balance to be so idiotic?

Jehan Amaratunga was one of the biggest benefactors of the previous government. FCID should investigate how he bought MTD Walkers when 15 years ago Mr. Amaratunga was reported in the CRIB for defaulting HNB. Mr. Amaratunga lavishly funded the Rajapakse Administration during the elections.

He was part of the Rajapakse campaign. While many UNP stalwarts have not been given any post, Mr. Amaratunga continues in office in two institutions thanks to his God Father Malik Samarawickrama.
The former President has told friends that he will expose the people who played both sides during the election. Malik Samarawickrama and Jehan Amaratunga will be top of the list, both are business partners, everyone knows this other than the Prime Minister?

We reliably understand that Mahinda pro group is investigating many of Mr. Amaratunga’s deals. Mr. Amaratunga now has chosen to be born again, but for the sake of good governance we will continue to investigate and report on some their dealings.

Mr. Amaratunga is now a public servant; he is accountable to the public. The current BOI Chairman should watch because, Malik Samarawickrama may be looking for a replacement.

Good Governance group.