‘Kondaya & I are both the same’, says Yoshitha!

‘Kondaya & I are both the same’, says Yoshitha!

14 December 2015 02:18 pm

“Kondaya, who cannot read or write, and I, who studied in England, are both the same. These days, both of us are having the same stars,” said second son of former president Mahinda Rajapaksa at a recent rubgy function. Yoshitha said so to claim that he too, was a victim of irresponsible media usage in reporting the murder of Wasim Thajudeen, just like Dunesh Priyashantha alias Kondaya, who was sent to the gallows by the media and was subsequently saved by a DNA testing over the killing of Seya Sadevmi of Kotadeniyawa.

Yoshitha has made the comment in response to continuing allegations being leveled by websites, including us, relating to Thajudeen’s murder.

After Kondaya was freed, the CID arrested his elder brother, and in the same manner, CID officers are coming after his elder brother Namal over the Thajudeen murder, Yoshitha said. He also said that he could not say anything about the connection of elder brother of Kondaya to Seya’s killing, but that neither his elder brother nor himself are connected whatsoever to the Thajudeen murder. There is more than enough evidence to prove his innocence at an independent court hearing, he added.

Editor’s note:
The law says a suspect is presumed innocent until proven guilty . As journalists, our duty is to report facts and not to make suspects guilty.

However, even before the CID - websites, including us - have clearly said that Thajudeen did not die in a vehicle accident, but that it was a well-planned killing. We made that clear based on information given us by the crime division of Kirulapone police with regard to DIG Anura Senanayake’s extraordinary conduct with regard to this incident.

The notes made by the then crimes OIC at the scene of the incident are now missing. Early morning on the day of the incident, DIG Anura Senanayake visited the scene (DIGs do not visit road accident scenes) and the first thing he did was to take those notes into his custody and then he transferred the investigation to the Narahenpita police. If the retired DIG Senanayake makes a confession, everyone will understand the so-called innocence of the Rajapaksa sons.