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The real reason why JO attacks Aloysisus

The Joint Opposition (JO) panicked when three mobile phones and sim cards were discovered from the prison cell of Arjun Aloysius, who was remanded over the Central Bank bond scam. At a press briefing held on last 6th, they demanded an investigation regarding this matter. However it is revealed that the JO is keep attacking Arjun Aloysius over a personal reason.


Arjun Aloysius had refused to give money to Namal Rajapaksa and that is the reason behind this grudge. When Namal demanded money from Arjun, he had responded that there is no need for him to give money to any person.

"The money I have is my own money. I earned this money. There is no need to give money to anybody. Let them file lawsuits. I am not giving any money to anybody,” Arjun Aloysisus had said.

Moreover, JO seems to be frequently criticizing the people Arjun Aloysisus had talked to over the phone. But when investigating the persons who had called him most, Namal Rajapaksa and Yoshitha Rajapaksa are on top.

It is no wonder that Rajapaksas are requesting money from Aloysius. If they had not asked for money, then that is a reason to wonder. This is the reason why the JO is keep attacking Arjun Aloysius.

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