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What path are we on, Taliban path?

Recently media talked about a monk who assaulted and murdered a police officer. He did not stop there, he even attempted to throw a bomb towards the police.


 Samrawickrama, who was serving at the Rathnapura police station, yesterday (10) went to Weralupa Sri Sambuddharamaya temple with a warrant issued by the court. Konwalane Dhammasara Thera, the chief incumbent of the above-mentioned temple, was a suspect of a court case who have been avoiding the court.

 Konwalane Dhammasara Thera had been accused of numerous offenses and the residents of the area allege that the police did not take any actions against him. The villagers, due to the monk’s harassments, had complained to the President and also the Defense Secretary.

 Konwalane Dhammasara Thera had reportedly choked the police officer and the neighbors who overheard his scream, had promptly contacted 119. When the police arrived, the monk had attempted to throw a hand grenade at them. By the time the police overpowered him, sergeant Saramawickrama was already dead.

 Although recently several similar incidents were reported, police and relevant institutions refrained from taking necessary actions to control them.

 When Buddhist extremists victimized persons of minor ethnicities and religions, the government looked away as the government was spiritless to take actions. Certain politicians protected the monks who encouraged racist and religious conflicts.

 When this incident took place, Dhammasara Thera dressed in shorts. He is a trained wrestler. Sending a policeman who was very close to retirement for inquiries shows the police’s carelessness in this regard.

 Police should not hesitate to take actions against those who do crimes behind the robe because of the simple reason that the monks who follow the true Buddhist philosophy do not behave in this manner. If the police do nothing to implement the law, we may have to witness Buddhist terrorism in the country which is no different than Taliban terrorism in Afghanistan.

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