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We have no contest on Baduwatte Safe-house - Amal Karunasekara’s Lawyer Says

The case regarding the kidnapping and assault of the journalist Keith Noir was held at the Magistrate Court of Mount Lavinia. The case was opened before the Additional Magistrate Mount Lavinia Lochana Abeywickrama.


The former Army Intelligence Director Major General Amal Karunasekara, who has been in Remand Prison alleged of the case, was presented at the court, and the information revealed in the investigation of Baduwatte Army Safe-house was confirmed through a statement made by his lawyer.

The lawyer on-behalf-of Mr. Amal Karunasekara stated at the court that he has no disapproval against the investigations that are conducted regarding the Baduwatte Army Safe-house, and Mr. Amal Karunasekara has admitted that such Safe-house exists and that it is involved in the case. These applications have eased the investigations on the Keith Noir case.

The Government High Attorney-at-Law Ms. Lakmini Girihagama, on-behalf-of the Senior Attorney General, stated that this is new improvement. Accordingly, the Government High Attorney requested from the court to further question regarding the case, and she was accepted.

 Are the Former President’s Lawyers Jokers?

Meanwhile, Mr. Ganesh Dharmawardana, who was in support of the rights of the former President Mahinda Rajapakshe, stated that there is contradiction between the statements his client made to the Criminal Investigation Department and the statement reported in the newspapers. Then the Additional Magistrate Lochana Abeywickrama replied that the statements reported in the newspapers are not of relevance to the court. The Additional Magistrate further stated that the court finds only of relevance the statements recorded by the CID, and thus holds no responsibility to how newspapers document statements whatsoever.

The Additional Magistrate moreover commented that any citizen questioning the statement made by the former President is entitled to receive a copy of the statement.

The Magistrate Lochana Abeywickrama ordered to postpone the case till September 10, and Mr. Amal Karunasekara once more has been sent to Remand Prison till due date.

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