"I Have The Power To F*** You If I Wish" - Ambassador Liyanage Threatens Stafford School Lady Teacher

"I Have The Power To F*** You If I Wish" - Ambassador Liyanage Threatens Stafford School Lady Teacher

28 August 2018 07:26 am

“I have the power to f*** you if I wish" claimed Sri Lankan Ambassador A.S.P. Liyanage, after he hauled in the lady teachers of Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha into the Principal's Office which he now occupies, revealed a lady teacher who had returned to Qatar to resume work as the new curriculum year began last Sunday.

Hauling the school staff into the Principal's office one by one, Ambassador Liyanage went on to threaten the teaching staff that from henceforth they all have to dance according to his tunes.

Earlier Ambassador Liyanage had threatened the school's minor staff that he would have drugs planted on them and have them jailed and then deported, if no one obeyed his orders as the new folk now running the affairs of Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha.

A lady teacher speaking to Lanka News Web on condition of anonymity said “The Ambassador is behaving like a mad man. When we went to our staff accommodation on returning from Sri Lanka after the school holidays, we found strewn condoms lying all over the place. Ambassador Liyanage threatened us that he will be checking our personal mobile phones from time to time. He said we cannot be on any social media groups or be in contact with our Founder / Chairman Kumudu Fonseka or any of the Board of Trustees. He had also physically assaulted one of our minor staff members too."

Meanwhile last Saturday when the School's Principal Upali Jayasinghe arrived to Doha, he was abducted by two staff members who had pretended that they had arrived to pick him up from the airport and then drop him off at his personal residence. However on the way the Principal was informed that they were driving him straight to the Sri Lankan Embassy, as Ambassador Liyanage had ordered that he be picked up and brought straight to the embassy. Much against Principal Jayasinghe's wishes he was "white vanned" in true 'Gota Style" and forcibly taken to the Sri Lankan Embassy.

Sources working at the Sri Lankan Embassy speaking to Lanka News Web on condition of anonymity said “Ambassador Liyanage was like a raging bull. He insulted and threatened Principal Jayasinghe in front of many embassy staff and also his close associates whom he has appointed to forcibly run the school. The Principal was forced to submit a letter saying he would not play any role as Principal henceforth. The Principal was mentally traumatized. Ambassador Liyanage has converted the Sri Lanka Embassy in Qatar to that of a 'Batalanda' torture chamber which was allegedly run by the current Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe in the later 80’s ."

The visibly shaken Principal Jayasinghe left to his personal residence shortly thereafter.

A few hours later Principal Jayasinghe found two security guards from Al Bateel Security owned by Sri Lankan Pantalin Perera standing outside his residence.

He was told by them that Ambassador Liyanage wanted him to come back to the embassy with his luggage.

Principal Jayasinghe refused to go and informed the security guards to leave.

A friend of the Principal who had come to visit him then called an ambulance and took the Principal to the Hamad Hospital.

Earlier a few months ago Principal Jayasinghe had attended a press briefing conducted by Deputy Minister Buddhika Pathirana. At this briefing he had voiced his displeasure as to how the Stafford Sri Lankan School Doha which has been run by its Founder / Chairman Kumudu Fonseka and a Board of Trustees for 17 years, was forcibly taken over by Ambassador Liyanage by abusing his diplomatic powers in Qatar. Ambassador Liyanage had also submitted forged documents and also obtained control of the school's banked funds amounting to Rs 450 million.

Meanwhile a Facebook commentator named Maheshika Goonetilleke had posted a comment as to how Principal Jayasinghe had been attacked for standing up against the injustice Ambassador Liyanage is meting out to his own Sri Lankan nationals he was appointed to protect.