Sri Lanka Cricket: King Faizer's 'Midas Touch'

Sri Lanka Cricket: King Faizer's 'Midas Touch'

29 August 2018 07:25 am

According to Greek mythology there once lived a king in the royal house of Phrygia named king Midas. Everything he touched turned into gold. Therefore even now when someone does something legendary or becomes successful, they are referred to people with the 'Midas touch'.

In Sri Lanka we too have a similar king.

However he does not live in a royal house unlike king Midas, but rather he studied at Royal College. He is not a born leader but rather a misleader, as he recently went on to embarrass his entire set of Cabinet of Ministers by obtaining their approval for a cabinet paper he submitted that contained non-existing clauses of the gazetted Sports Law. He is also a President Counsel who shockingly displayed his lack of knowledge on the subject of law. He incidentally also became the first Minister in the world to have submitted a bill for approval in parliament and then voted against his own submitted bill later that same evening. He comes from the household of Mustapha and he is our current king of Sri Lanka Cricket. He is King Faizer.

Our country's President Maithripala Sirisena who hails from Pollonarauwa loves our king Faizer. After all he knows how to identify a king coming from Pollonnaruwa himself. Pollonaruwa has a rich in history where kings once ruled our kingdom. He also made him the Minister of Local Government and Provincial Councils.

However unlike king Midas our king Faizer has the amazing ability to turn anything he touches into rubber.

He has the amazing ability to stretch things and postpone important events like the Annual General Meeting of Sri Lanka Cricket and also the country's Provincial Council Elections.

However today he is currently in Dubai, and that too on another king Faizer touch mission.

This time he wishes to touch the International Cricket Council Chairman Shashank Manohar and its CEO David Richardson at a meeting he planned well ahead.

His objective is to elasticize the brains of both Chairman Manohar and CEO Richardson and obtain permission to further delay the already postponed SLC AGM until mid-2019.

The ICC which does not wish any of its members to be politically governed had sternly warned our king Faizer recently, that the already postponed SLC AGM must be held before the 31st December 2018.

Prior to departing for Dubai Minister Mustapha stated that the purpose he wishes to visit the Mecca of cricket was to focus on discussing the current interim administration of SLC and the future course of action he wishes to take in electing an administration to run the nation's cricket abode.

However what the ICC Chairman and CEO dos not know is that king Faizer has converted the Ministry of Sports in Sri Lanka into rather his own Ministry of Cricket.

Having by passed section 32 of the Sports Law in appointing an Interim Committee to govern SLC, he instead appointed his very own Ministerial Secretary Kamal Pathmasiri as the Competent Authority to govern SLC.

This by itself is a conflict of interest because who does one turn too when the Competent Authority goes on to make blunders?

Does the Competent Authority embarrassingly look at himself in the mirror and punish himself when he himself makes a boo boo?

This is similar to that of the Central Bank Governor Arjuna Mahendran appointing his own son in law Arjun Aloysious of Perpetual Treasuries Limited as the primary dealer.

We all know what transpired out of that appointment. The Central bank was robbed, People's Bank was robbed and now even Sri Lanka Cricket stands to being robbed.

It is further surprising that both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe are turning a blind eye to all of this.

Further King Faizer has stated that he wishes to have retired judges appointed as Election Committee Members prior to any AGM being held with reference to any of the Sport Disciplines that comes under the Ministry of Sports.

But all that is a hog wash when it comes to Sri Lanka Cricket, as the SLC constitution clearly states that an Election Committee must be appointed by the stakeholders of SLC.

Sri Lanka Cricket has always been a goose that lays golden eggs and that is one reason as to why a bunch of prominent businessmen crave to occupy that seat.

King Faizer now knows the value of this seat and does not want to let go.

One can’t blame him especially with the Television Rights contract being up for renewal early next year.

We all know how much of commissions are made when the Television Rights deal is signed.

Then there are also many elections scheduled for next year and early 2020 and Sri Lanka Cricket is the perfect platform for any politician to further strengthen his political campaigns.

It is sincerely hoped that both ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar and CEO David Richardson does not nibble on king Faizer's offered piece of cheese and fall to his carefully laid mouse trap when they meet later today.

After all Sri Lanka Cricket is in grave danger with our king Faizer excessively touching the sport of cricket all Sri Lankans love and cherish.

At this rate his rubbery touch may even turn Sri Lanka Cricket into a condom, because it more accurately reflects his political stance.

After all a condom allows inflation, halts production, destroys the next generation, gives protection to a political prick and finally it gives the sport of cricket and its country's cricket loving public a sense of false security, while they are being screwed.