Don’t do crazy things and destroy this – Mahinda advises organizers - Part 01 - Lanka News Web (LNW)

Don’t do crazy things and destroy this – Mahinda advises organizers - Part 01

Mahinda Rajapaksa had instructed the organizers of the Joint Opposition’s Jana Bala Sena protest yesterday (4) not to create any critical situations during the organizing of the protest. He had asked the organizers to refrain from ‘doing crazy things and destroying the protest’.


 He had instructed them to be vigilant, and said: ‘when we form a government, this is how they will be treated.’ He had further asked his henchmen to not allow any form of mistake to happen.

 He has given instructions to try to gather people near Lake House, Technical College and Fort Telecom Office.

 Live ammunitions prohibited

 Furthermore, the police and tri-forces have been instructed to refrain from using live ammunitions today (5). According to information received by government intelligence units, it has been confirmed that Mahinda supporters serving in security forces have planned to shoot those who act violently. The above decision has been taken to prevent such damages.

 It is reported that the government has prepared armed forces to defeat Rajapaksa team’s attempt to create another ‘Rathupaswala incident’ for personal political agendas.

 The Rajapaksa team is planning to get the participation of 80,000 to 120,000 supporters, and keep them until 10 am tomorrow.


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