Human Rights Commission On the Fate of ‘Karapincha Amma’

Human Rights Commission On the Fate of ‘Karapincha Amma’

14 September 2018 07:16 pm

We have received reports that the National Human Rights Commission is now focusing their attention on the case of ‘Karapincha Amma, who HNB Grameen wants in jail’.

Accordingly, they will be investigating the incident in the future.

As we learned, the HRC has contacted Nelumyaya Foundation, who has been constructing a progressive conversation about the fate of the people who fell into the trap of Microfinance Crisis in Sri Lanka, in receiving all the necessary information for their reference, and Nelumyaya Foundation will be joined as a stakeholder of their future investigations. Nelumyaya Foundation declares that they will be providing full support to the HRC for these investigations, and that they highly appreciate of the fact that the problem is intervened by the HRC.

‘Karapincha Amma’, who lives in Anuradhapura Galnewa Jana Udana village with her 91 year old mother and sickened husband, had highly been talked over the Social Media and other websites recently, for the life struggles she is in merely surviving by collecting Curry leaves at a foot-walk of 30-40 miles per day, and for the verbal harassments, threats, and insults she faced towards her incapability to pay the loans she retrieved from Microfinance companies.

Nelumyaya Foundation has taken measures by now, avenging the utterly vulnerable life they carry in with cut-off electricity and nothing to eat in some level, to resettle the electricity in her house and distribute essential food items. But Nelumyaya Foundation also points out that this one act does ‘not simply respond the question’ at all.

Lanka News Web has also received that the National Human Rights Commission will specially be questioning the Central Bank in regard to the role they play at the loan crisis in which these women have been deprived in depth towards the rural indebtedness.

The officer from HNB Grameen Microfinance Company threatened her recently saying that ‘she will be taken to the Police if she does not pay the instalments’ and that they will be filing against her thereafter.

Several Microfinance companies have sent letters of intent on the issue through their lawyers by now, to take legal actions against many women in this village.

The Program Director of Nelumyaya Foundation Attorney Radika Gunaratne said with Lanka News Web, that they have received information that while some of the Microfinance companies are refusing to accept incomplete loan instalments, some of them do agree to them, however in preparation of later prosecuting them by adding the Aggregate Interest and Fine Interest into the payments.

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