Viewing 2011s Constructions Ancient, When Needed to Attack Tamils

Viewing 2011s Constructions Ancient, When Needed to Attack Tamils

20 September 2018 07:55 am

Recently several Sinhala Buddhist Extremist groups made a mass media carnival confronting that the ‘ancient ruins of the North-East are going to be destroyed for the will of Tamil politicians’.

The reason behind the scene is that a construction located in Chandra Garden near the Cultural Centre of Kilinochchi has been demolished by the local authorities of the Kaarachchi Council.

The Executive Director of the Buddhist Information Centre Venerable Angulugalle Siri Jinananda Thero, sharing their views on the incident, says that these ruins belonged to the Polonnaru era. Jinananda Thero also says that these archaeological ruins have been destroyed by the lead of the TNA member S. Sridharan, and that all the officials including him shall be prosecuted.

Meanwhile, the President of ‘Sinhale Api’ Jamburewela Chandrarathana Thero said that these ruins have been proved out to be ancient. They have also said that the archaeological ruins of the Eastern Province are destroyed by Muslim politicians, and that of North by the Tamil politicians.

These Racist and Extremist Sinhala Buddhist organizations moan towards media as if they have eye-witnessed everything. Despite claiming that the ruins have been proved out to be ancient, they never demonstrate how, neither have they possessed any evidence to prove.

Director General of Archaeology P.B. Mandawela says, in explaining the incident took place in Kilinochchi, that these constructions were built in 2011. He points out that the bricks condemned out of the Jethavana and Abhayagiri Sthoopa conservation sites had been used for these constructions and that they had been built by the intervention of the Army. On the other hand, the bricks applied on these constructions, which are claimed to be archaeological ruins, have been clearly imprinted with the symbol of the Central Cultural Fund, and cement plaster had been applied in construction.

According to the viewpoint of these Extremist Buddhist organizations, the Central Cultural Fund also has been a functional Government body during the Polonnaru era, and judging by the fact that cement has been applied in building construction, these organizations reveal that at the time the technology must have been at the cutting edge.

After the war ended in 2009, an investigation was conducted in search of any archaeological locations in the North-East area, and none of the reports detailed that such archaeological finding, as claimed by Angulugalle Jinnananda, has been found. Because this construction claimed to have been built in the Polonnaru Era was not even built by then.

The authorities involved in the demolishing process of the construction say that the building had to be removed in keeping with a decision made by the Kilinochchi District Committee Meeting. The authorities further attention that the act has nothing to do with Mr. Sridharan’s consent, neither has it been done for his purposes.