AG clears-off from CDS’s case!

AG clears-off from CDS’s case!

10 December 2018 07:49 am

The Attorney General’s Department has reportedly decided to withdraw from the case filed against Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Ravindra Wijegunarathne on the grounds of harbouring a prime suspect of the case of abducting and disappearing 11 individuals for extortion.

The Attorney General’s Department has been following a controversial policy amid the CDS’s case from the beginning, avoiding to arrest him by willingly delaying the court case inquiring further evidence.

Following the AG’s Department’s bizarre attitude, Chief Inspector of the case Nishantha Silva from the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) had taken measures to arrest the CDS per his will, leaving an end where the AG’s office has decided to withdraw from the case instructing the CDS to further continue his duties.    

Apparently, no indictments are made against the CDS by the AG’s office ever!

However, the CID is being progressive towards the case by further continuing to handle the proceedings keeping up with the Magistrate Court. Reportedly, the CID is in a united voice to declare that the case will be continued against all odds.  

The CID has already proven that they are in the capacity to carry out investigations without the assistance of the AG by filing against the CDS before the Magistrate Court. Nevertheless, an indictment is vital for the continuity of the case, which has been avoided to be issued by the AG’s office. Therefore the case will reportedly continue to proceed for examination based on the CID’s charges.