How was Rangajeewa reinstated?

How was Rangajeewa reinstated?

24 December 2018 08:09 am

Former Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) IP Neomal Rangajeewa, who was accused over the killing of inmates at the Welikada Prison, has been transferred to the Police Field Force Headquarters.

One can say it’s better than nothing. But the real question is, how was Rangajeewa reinstated?

Rangajeewa’s crime

IP Rangajeewa has been accused of entering the Welikada Prison premises on 10th November 2012, and killing several inmates who were selected according to a list of names. There are eye witnesses who testified before the three-member committee on Welikada Prison killings and also at court hearings.

In that context, reinstating Neomal Rangajeewa is not permissible; but it has happened.

How was Rangajeewa reinstated?

On 19th November, Rangajeewa filed an appeal at the IGP Help Desk. The IGP on 20th November considered it, and reinstated him to the PNB on 21st November.

Rangajeewa has been accused of murder. That too is a mass murder incident. How can he be reinstated?

Impacts of Rajapaksa’s 51-day rule

This is completely a direct result of Rajapaksa’s 51-day rule which started with gaining power through a conspiracy. Rangajeewa is a person who committed murders at the Welikada Prison for Rajapaksas. IGP Pujith Jayasundara reinstated Neomal Rangajeewa to make Rajapaksa happy.

Threats against witnesses!

After reinstatement, Rangajeewa has again started his usual ranting on social media. He says that he is ‘narcotics Rangajeewa’ and that he does not forgive. That is clearly a threat against witnesses.

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