Rangajeewa and Kamal Silva attempt to take credit for others’ work

Rangajeewa and Kamal Silva attempt to take credit for others’ work

26 December 2018 04:55 am

Police Narcotics Bureau (PNB) on 6th December found 231 kg of heroin worth more than Rs 2,700 million in Beruwala.  This is the second largest haul of heroin found in Sri Lanka.

A fake news report which says that the above haul of heroin was found by former PNB IP Neomal Rangajeewa and DIG Kamal Silva, is being circulated on social media.

DIG Kamal Silva had been transferred to the Police Headquarters two months ago. Rangajeewa is a close colleague of Kamal Silva. However, the Beruwala heroin raid was not conducted by these two.

The raid was conducted by an IP named Subodha under the leadership of PNB head Sanjeewa Medawatta. Followers of Rangajeewa are attempting to show that it was done by Rangajeewa. Rangajeewa does not take any action to correct it.

After the haul of heroin was found, DIG Kamal Silva and Rangajeewa went there and took photos – that’s what really happened.  Rangajeewa and Kamal are trying to interfere in PNB’s work even after they were transferred. This is the true situation of Facebook heroes.  

DIG Nalaka Silva and Rangajeewa have built a hotel in Negombo. Even though a journalist of Upali Newspapers has all details with that regard, he was not allowed to publish it by the newspaper he is working for.

More details to follow…..

Fake news circulated by followers of Rangajeewa

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