Maithri-Ranil dispute: ministry subjects allocated by President!

Maithri-Ranil dispute: ministry subjects allocated by President!

29 December 2018 04:51 pm

The extraordinary gazette notice on the number of ministers and ministries, minister’s subject purviews, responsibilities, departments and institutions that belong to each ministry, has been issued.

However, problems arose during the process of allocating institutions for ministries; especially Sri Lanka Telecom and SriLankan Airlines did not belong to any ministry.

There is also an issue with regard to allocating institutions to the Ministry of Public Enterprise, Kandyan Heritage and Kandy Development, and the Ministry of Power, Energy and Business Development.

It was reported to Lanka News Web that the United National Front (UNF) had not been informed about allocating institutions to ministries.

The President is currently in Thailand, and he will return tomorrow (30). This gazette was scheduled to be issued after his return; however, the Presidential Secretariat issued it today.

UNF’s list of institutions for each ministry was to be submitted to the President on 31st December. UNF ministers were not aware of the institutions mentioned in the gazette issued today.

The Prime Minister and Lakshman Kiriella had talked about allocating institutions to ministries yesterday. It had been decided to give state banks to Kiriella’s ministry. Furthermore, they had discussed the appointments of chairmen for state banks.

The UNF strongly criticizes the President’s move. Senior UNF members had been reportedly informed to deal with this situation patiently.