STF commandant resisted inside Police !

STF commandant resisted inside Police !

3 February 2019 06:23 am

The service term of Head of Police Special Task Force (STF) Senior Deputy Inspector General M.R. Latheef will be ended today (03). 

Mr. Latheef is known to be a fierce leader among the STF staff and was ahead of many successful operations. 

It is not orthodox that service extensions are requested by such officers on their own will. The Police Department however may have courtesy in respect to such officers to request service extension from their subject ministry. Developing a story, we realize that a letter in request for a service extension to Mr. Latheef should have been forwarded to the President a long time ago, however was never an event that took place.

This is presumably because of the conflict that existed between Inspector General of Police (IGP) Pujith Jayasundara and Senior DIG Latheef. The IGP also is in a firm stance that any officer completed 60 years of age shall not be of service in the Police Department. 

Nevertheless, matured and well experienced leaders, like Senior DIG Latheef himself, are obviously needed in times President Maithripala Sirisena has directly declared war against drug trafficking, to which authorities shall focus their conscience.