Ali Roshan released because of Sarath Fonseka’s actions!

Ali Roshan released because of Sarath Fonseka’s actions!

8 March 2019 06:34 am

It is reported that Ali Roshan, an individual who became infamous for his alleged involvement in killing mother elephants and stealing baby elephants, was released by the Special Three-member High Court due to the actions of former Wildlife Minister Sarath Fonseka.

This elephant racket did not face any issue during the Rajapaksa regime; and not only Buddhist monks but also court judges had been allegedly involved in it. The new government’s Wildlife Minister Sarath Fonseka wanted to penalize racketeers including Ali Roshan.

Since court hearings usually take years to complete, he wanted this case to be heard on a daily basis in the Special High Court.

The Attorney General’s Department, from the beginning, very clearly pointed out that the Special High Court had no jurisdiction to hear the case in question. However, due to lack of knowledge of the law, Sarath Fonseka wanted it to be heard in the Special High Court.

The Special High Court was set up to hear cases with regard to a number of specific matters including serious financial misappropriations. It does not have the jurisdiction to hear cases which fall under the Fauna and Flora Ordinance.

Therefore, the Special High Court eventually had to release the accused accepting preliminary objections filed by defense attorneys.