DIG removes OIC who refused to kill a suspect

DIG removes OIC who refused to kill a suspect

20 March 2019 07:49 am

Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) OIC Neville Silva has recently received a telephone call from Colombo Range DIG Lalith Pathinayake.

The DIG had asked him to kill a suspect who was in custody over drug-related charges.

The DIG has said: “He’s useless. Just hit him! (kill him)”.

In response Neville Silva has said: “Sir, you are aware of what happened in Ratgama. Junior officers put themselves in trouble trying to follow the orders of seniors. I can’t go to jail. I will not do it under any circumstance.”

The DIG angrily responded: “Is that your answer? Is this how you treat us? Then be ready to leave the place.” “Do what you like,” the CCD OIC said.

After two days, Neville Silva was transferred. He submitted an appeal at the National Police Commission (NPC) explaining the true situation, and the NPC reinstated him.