Russel Fonseka angry!

Russel Fonseka angry!

28 March 2019 05:48 am

Lanka News Web, two weeks ago, reported on the adverse situation within Bank of Ceylon (BOC) caused by its Chief Financial Officer Russell Fernando’s misuse of his position.

At a meeting held at the BOC headquarters yesterday (27), Russell Fonseka has agitatedly expressed his opinion with regard to the abovementioned media report. He had spoken critically about giving internal information to media, adding that he intends to lodge a complaint with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Although we tried to get in touch with the top management of BOC to discuss this matter, we were not able to contact them due to their busyness. We expect that the BOC management would respond to us in future.

However, we must emphasize that if Russell Fonseka decides to seek the service of the CID, we are prepared to respond to it.