RMV Jagath, Thushara destroy files to cover up corruption

RMV Jagath, Thushara destroy files to cover up corruption

4 April 2019 05:03 am

Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) Commissioner General Jagath Chandrasiri and DMT Information and Communication Technology Commissioner Thushara Suraweera are attempting to destroy department’s files relating to Transport Ministry-led investigations against the duo, according to DMT officials.

Furthermore, Thushara Suraweera is reportedly destroying tender and vehicle registration documents related to vehicles registered by the duo not long ago without paying due taxes.

Thushara Suraweera previously served in the Prime Minister’s Office, however, he was dismissed over allegations of corruption. He had been recruited by Jagath Chandrasiri to the DMT specifically to handle tender-related frauds and had approved a number of questionable tenders for exorbitant rates.  

He became a millionaire within a short period of time after being appointed to this department, and built a luxurious house in Weliwita, Kaduwela, at a cost of Rs 100 million.

While they are still holding their positions, any investigation conducted by the Transport Ministry against the duo would be futile, DMT officials claimed.